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Witnesses of the Tsunami, Ryouiti Usuzawa

Meet the real Magokoro Net

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Makinohara, Shizuoka. Kenji Ooishi

I’ve been writing articles for Tono Magokoro Net homepage since April. To attract volunteers, I’ve been trying my best to describe the damage of the greatest earthquake in our history and the recovery efforts made by the victims. Along with the challenges, I’ve also emphasized the significance of the work carried out by the first Japanese volunteer group who are known as “civil logistic support group” to bring in as many volunteers as possible.


Frightful spectacle in an afflicted area even after 3 month after the disaster

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“The Castle in the Sky” and life as a telephone volunteer

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“The Castle in the Sky” and life as a telephone volunteer

Akira Jin, Aomori City

I found myself in my home on the bed when I woke up. I pondered to myself upon the height of the ceiling and how peaceful the morning is to not be in the roof tent of the car, without noises of the car door opening and shutting. Being back home, after a period of volunteering at Tono Magokoro Net Bureau, a volunteer that anyone could take part in, I felt heavy all over my body..

Smiling in front of the car with the “Castle in the Sky” on the roof.

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