Want to inform your experience on Magokoro Net?

We will hold an event “Debrief Session: Volunteer Experience of First Disaster Recovery” suggested by Tokiko Suzuki who volunteered during the national holidays.

We would like to present  your volunteer experience in front of others. We  also need your help coordinating the event.

1.      Debrief Session
Name: “Debrief Session: Volunteer Experience of First Disaster Recovery”  「初めての災害ボランティア体験報告会(仮)」

July /15,23,26,30 /2011

Location: TVAC : Tokyo Voluntary Action Center (Central plaza 10F, 1-1 Kaguragashi, Shinjuku, Tokyo)

To relieve concerns for people who have never worked as volunteers.
To inform that Magokoro Net is a good way to volunteer for individuals.

People who are interested in volunteer work but have concerns as well.

Number of participant:
40 for each time ×8 times + 15 = 335 total

Inform experience from Tono Magokoro Net (by few experienced volunteers)
Introduce the activities of Magokoro Net
Supplies needed for volunteer activities and explanation about volunteer insurance

We will recruit volunteers as well as sell some items.
We appreciate your participation.
If you would like to participate, please e-mail the address provided below.

Tokiko Suzuki





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