Helping “collect Pacific saury” – Part 1

We undertake a wide range of volunteer activities, which are at times tougher than anything we could ever imagine. At the behest of the city of Rikuzentakata, the our team made our way to a tributary of Kisen River located in the city. At this tributary surrounded by mountains situated 3 kilometers inland from the sea we helped collect Pacific saury. On March 11, the tsunami destroyed 2 refrigeration units located a kilometer south of the tributary and around 800 metric tons of frozen saury (some salmon and salmon roe as well) had been strewn all over the place.

Five weeks had gone by since the tsunami. The saury had begun to decay. In order to prevent the imminent mass outbreak of maggots and bacteria, the removal of surrounding debris was momentarily put aside and a large work force was put together to collect the saury.

Everyone wore rubber gloves and with tongs and garbage bags in hand, we set to work. Enduring the stench, we collected the saury from people’s yards and the bottom of the river. We will try to help out as much as we can everyday with about 70 to 100 people working on site while collaborating with the municipal government, local residents, seafood products manufacturer who owned the refrigeration units, as well as other stakeholders.

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