What is the Tōno Magokoro Network?

The Tōno City Disaster Relief Network [Tōno Magokoro Network (Tōno City Disaster Relief Volunteers)] is a volunteer group that was established by citizens of Tōno city with the aim of supporting victims of coastline districts in Iwate prefecture in the wake of the March 11, 2011 Great Tohoku Earthquake.

The Sanriku district is located along the coastline area of Iwate prefecture, which received damage far and beyond all expectations. The people of Tōno, who share historically long and deep bonds with the Sanriku district, have sought to work together with its citizens to understand the difficulties of this disaster, and together face the recovery and rebuilding of their lives.

The road to recovery will surely be long and hard. Demand for relief supplies and human assistance will continue for a long period of time. We took advantage of the Tōno city area, which is an hour drive away from the coastline area, to receive volunteers and relief supplies from all over the country.



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