1. 1. About the Recruitment Process
    1. 1. How can I participate in Magokoro Net’s activities?
      Guidelines for applicants can be found on this website.  Please read them carefully.  Then fill in the forms provided and send them in by email or fax.
    2. 2. Are you currently accepting volunteers?
      We are always looking for volunteers.  However, during certain public holidays, the number of volunteers may exceed the positions available and it may not be possible to find work for everyone.  In this case a notification will be posted on our website.


  1. 2. About    Volunteering
    1. 1. What equipment is required?
      For the recommended clothes, please refer to the following images: [Image 1][Image 2]Other necessary equipment and tools will be provided by Volunteer Center.
    2. 2. Do you accept both short and long term volunteers?
      Both short and long term volunteers are accepted.  However, it is recommended that you do not volunteer for more than two weeks at a time.  If you wish to volunteer for a longer period than this, we recommend you go home first and return at a later date.


  1. 3. About the Volunteer Center
    1. 1. Are food and fuel available in Tōno?
      Sufficient food and fuel is available in Tōno.  Restaurants are also operating as usual.
    2. 2. What accommodation is available for volunteers?
      Accommodation is provided in the gym in the Tōno Purification Center.  During busy holidays, accommodation will be provided at other locations.
    3. 3. Where should I go on arriving in Tōno?
      When you arrive in Tōno, please come to the Tōno Purification Center (遠野市浄化センター).  This building is serving as a center for volunteering activities.


  1. 4. About the Volunteering Procedure
    1. 1. By when do I have to apply?
      Please apply by 6:00pm two days before you intend to start volunteering in Tōno.  If you apply later than that, we may not be able to find you work.
    2. 2. Do you accept late-night arrivals?
      Reception closes at 4:30pm.  If you arrive in Tōno later than this, please find other accommodation and come to the Volunteer Center the next morning.
    3. 3. Is insurance required for volunteers?
      Insurance is required.  After reading the information at this link, please obtain insurance at the nearest Social Welfare Council Center (社会福祉協議会).  If you do not have insurance, you will not be able to volunteer. 
    4. 4. I sent in my application, but received no response.  Was my application accepted?
      You will receive a response.  This does mean that your application was not accepted.