Volunteer Recruiting Requirements

※※※ NOTICE! ※※※

In the disaster affected areas, there have been cases where volunteer staff have accidentally stepped on nails and injured themselves. Nails remained buried in sand, earth, and rubble make it difficult to avoid injury, no matter how careful one is. Therefore, please where footwear which contains steel plates in the lining of its sole.

Such footwear is sold at the local hardware, within walking distance, and we have asked the stores to increase the number of items held in stock. However, we ask volunteers to try to purchase such footwear prior to coming to the region, just in case there are none in stock. Such footwear is sold under the name of “Fuminuki bōshi insōru” (Puncture Resistant Insoles) at stores where volunteer clothing is sold.

Also, there is a risk of being infected with tetanus bacteria by wounds from dirty or rusted nails. Therefore we encourage volunteers to be vaccinated before they come to the disaster-affected areas.



Regarding Registration Methods

  • Registration Methods for Participating in Volunteer Activities.

・For individuals: Please click the link at the bottom of the page and fill out the registration form. Only fill out the areas required on the registration form.

・For Groups: Please click the link at the bottom of the page and download the registration form, fill out the necessary parts, and send the completed form by fax or email.

Things we ask of you when registering

  • On the forms for individuals, please read the explanations carefully. Incomplete forms may not be approved.
  • Before you begin to complete the form, please attain volunteers insurance prior to arrival. We ask for those who are not insured to refrain from registering.
  • We ask that those who register for volunteer activities submit the form at least 7 days before the desired starting date.
  • If one is registering for a group via email, please send the form with “Volunteer Registration” in the subject field, and save the completed file under the name of your group.

From when one registers to when one Leaves

  • If there are any mistakes with your form after it has been completed, you will not receive any contact from us.
  • Please come only on the days that you HAVE outlined.
  • please refrain from sending us emails or calling us about the confirmation of registration.
  • If there is any information that is unclear, please respond in the inquiry section at the top right page of the form.
  • After you arrive, we will need to confirm your identity, so some form of photo ID is required.
  • For groups, instead of personal identification, sending us information outlining the groups past activities and history will be sufficient.
  • We will not accept arrivals late at night. Please make sure that you arrive before 4:30 pm.
  • Upon arrival, please submit your contract document. There is a link to a copy of the contract at the bottom of the page so please read carefully and fill it out correctly. The form can be completed upon arrival, but please confirm the contents of the contract before you leave.
  • Clothes and equipment that are needed for volunteer activities, such as wheel-barrels, shovels, etc, can be borrowed from us so please do not worry if you cannot bring your own. Please bring protective gear as listed below (helmet, goggles and mask are not needed anymore). Also, there is a good chance that your clothes and shoes will get dirty during volunteer work so please bring big plastic bags to carry your dirty clothes.

Information about what clothes to wear. ⇒Link1

For information about what to bring, please refer to the Things to Bring Along List.

Procedures and Activities after Arrival

  • Please look at the Access Map for the location of the meeting place. The activity plans for the day are as follows:

07:00 Assembly and Reception at the head office of Tono MagokoroNet.

07:40 (approx) Open Meeting

         (approx) Going out into the Disaster-Affected Areas


15:00 (approx) End of Activities and Exit from the Disaster-Affected Areas.

Times may change when there are more people who wish to volunteer, particularly during long-weekends.

  • Getting around: There is a bus provided by Magokoro Network to help move volunteers around from the meeting place at the headquarter  to the disaster-affected areas where volunteer work will be done.
  • Activities: Activities will be coordinated by the Tōno Magokoro Network. We please ask for volunteers to not go off alone in the disaster-affected areas.
  • Food: Please organize and bring your own food before you leave from the meeting place each day.
  • Disaster Volunteer Insurance: Please register for volunteer insurance, with either Natural Disaster Plan (天災プラン), at your local Council of Social Welfare in Japan(社会福祉協議会). Once you arrive, please only participate in activities that are covered by the insurance. We will not accept volunteers that are not covered. Insurance plans, compensation and joining fees are listed below.


※Insurance Plan

Payout for Death Insurance      14 million yen      20 million yen

Payout for Residual Disability        14 million yen      20 million yen

Daily Payout for Hospitalisation Insurance    7,000 yen                  11,000 yen

Daily Payout for Outpatient Benefits          4,100 yen                  6,370 yen

Payout for Public Liability Insurance          500 million yen       500 million yen


Basic Type                                              Basic Plan A                                 Basic Plan B

Natural Disaster Type              Natural Disaster Plan A          Natural Disaster Plan B

Guide to the Volunteer Activity Insurance from the Japan National Council of Social Welfare

Activities in Tōno

  • Accommodation: There is a hall in the headquarter that is open for sleeping accommodation. It is advised to consult with the organizers prior to arrival, as there may not be enough room to shelter everyone. Also, please refrain from pitching tents and sleeping motor-vehicles.
  • Meals: Please organize your own meals during your stay. There is food and drink at the local market; please feel free to utilise their services. At the place of accommodation, small tables for preparing meals are provided outside (There is a water boiler and 2 microwaves in the headquarter).
  • Bathing: We have temporary shower units in our headquarter (¥100/15 min). Also, we are able to introduce volunteers to the public bathhouses at our check-in counter. (Individuals will have to pay for their own use of the public baths).

○Facilities at the Accommodation.

・Toilets: A toilet facility  are available for use.
・4 temporary shower units (Hot water is free but please respect shower times and take-turns)
・4 temporary wash-basins (outside – there is no mirror)
・4 washers
・Presently there are no futons available

If there is anything you are unsure about, please feel free to contact the Tōno Magokoro Network Office.

Tōno Magokoro Network Disaster Activities Volunteer Participation Application –  Written Declaration

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