Activity Focus 18th-23rd of April 2013

Activity Focus 

18th-23rd of April 2013 (introducing one part of Tono Magokoro Net’s activities)

‘Kamiosabe no Sato’: Weeding, tending flower beds and stripping withered cedars (Thursday 18th of April)

Around 20 volunteers, including some from Eon Group, took part in ‘Kamiosabe no Sato’ in Rikuzentakata City. They weeded wheat fields, tended flower beds and stripped cedars withered as a result of the salination caused by the tsunami. For lunch they received home made, piping hot curry rice and pickles from local women. After work had ended there was also time to hear stories from victims of the tsunami about the events at the time.


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‘Kamiosabe no Sato’: Weeding (Friday 19th of April)

Spring is the season of new growth. Absorbing the energy from the earth even weeds grow quickly. There were over 60 volunteers on the day at ‘Kamiosabe no Sato’ in Rikuzentakata City including members of the Astellas Labour Union and new employees from the Asahi Kasei Corporation. They spent a long time weeding in earnest in the wide Kamiosabe wheat fields. It is a surprisingly arduous job to stay crouched, carefully removing the weeds without damaging the wheat. It doubtless tired you out. Thank you very much!


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Magokoro no Sato 3 ‘the herb village’: Building a roof over the wood decking in front of Cube House (Saturday 20th April)

The front of the Cube House at the the Magokoro no Sato 3 herb village in Otsuchi has a lovely wooden decking. Now, with the aid of Tohoku Care, a roof is going to be fitted. On the day, the work involved digging the holes for the pillars that would support the roof and securing the pillars with concrete. The 15 or so volunteers took turns to transport by wheelbarrow fresh concrete from the mixer. A volunteer said that they were able to gain a very rare experience. Thank you for all your hard work!


 Translation: Laurence Newbery-Payton

Witnesses of the Tsunami, Ryouiti Usuzawa

The Magokoro Santa Fund

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The Magokoro Santa Fund

The Magokoro Santa Fund was established by the non-profit organization Tono Magokoro Net after the success of the “100 Santas!” event in Christmas 2011. The event, organized on behalf of the children and survivors of the March 11 tsunami, was a great success, receiving support and generous donations from all quarters. Since some money was left after the project, The Magokoro Santa Fund was established to support further education for high school students in Iwate Prefecture.


Call for support of the Magokoro Santa Fund 

There are high school students in Tohoku today who will give up on their dreams of higher education due to the financial difficulties caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. We believe that all students should have the opportunity to study according to their own abilities or skills, without the constraints of financial concern. Getting further education is a valuable opportunity throughout our life.

We would of course like to help all high school students in the Iwate coastal region interested in pursuing higher education, but our budget is limited. We are focusing first on helping students living in the towns most severely affected by the tsunami and with which we have developed a strong working relation. The more donations we are able to collect, the more students we will be able to help and the more help we will be able to offer each student, hopefully not only in Iwate but also in Miyagi and Fukushima as well.

We kindly ask you to support our students suffering from the effects of last year’s disaster so that they might preserve hope for their future.


Tono Magokoro Net

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Phone: +81-198-62-1001

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Donation Bank Account

Name of Bank, Iwate Bank

Name of Branch, Tono Branch


Bank code, 0123

Branch code, 018

Account Number, 2046338

Address of Bank, 2-9 Chuo-dori, Tono, Iwate 028-0523, Japan.


Receipt of donations available upon requested (please send your name and address to to

We cannot confirm the details of tax exemption in your country as each country is subject to different tax regimes.

Want to inform your experience on Magokoro Net?

We will hold an event “Debrief Session: Volunteer Experience of First Disaster Recovery” suggested by Tokiko Suzuki who volunteered during the national holidays.

We would like to present  your volunteer experience in front of others. We  also need your help coordinating the event.

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Meet the real Magokoro Net

<Magokoro Experience⑩>

Makinohara, Shizuoka. Kenji Ooishi

I’ve been writing articles for Tono Magokoro Net homepage since April. To attract volunteers, I’ve been trying my best to describe the damage of the greatest earthquake in our history and the recovery efforts made by the victims. Along with the challenges, I’ve also emphasized the significance of the work carried out by the first Japanese volunteer group who are known as “civil logistic support group” to bring in as many volunteers as possible.


Frightful spectacle in an afflicted area even after 3 month after the disaster

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“The Castle in the Sky” and life as a telephone volunteer

<Magokoro Experience ⑨>

“The Castle in the Sky” and life as a telephone volunteer

Akira Jin, Aomori City

I found myself in my home on the bed when I woke up. I pondered to myself upon the height of the ceiling and how peaceful the morning is to not be in the roof tent of the car, without noises of the car door opening and shutting. Being back home, after a period of volunteering at Tono Magokoro Net Bureau, a volunteer that anyone could take part in, I felt heavy all over my body..

Smiling in front of the car with the “Castle in the Sky” on the roof.

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13th May: Survey of demand around Tsunami-affected Tono(Tohno) village

Two months have passed since the disaster of the 11th March. Recovery operations are progressing quickly in various places, but villages around the deeply indented, difficult to reach, Sanriku-coast are still in the state they were left after the Tsunami struck. Read more »