Volunteer Activities

Daily Volunteer Activities

Magokoro Net provides a wide range of volunteer activities from physical activities to caretaking activities. Physical activities include loading and unloading of aid and removing rubble from the afflicted site; caretaking activities include physical and mental care of the afflicted people.

・Cleaning activities in residential areas, shops, and factories

・Cleaning up mud in houses and floors

・Cleaning up kitchens, toilets, living rooms, and bathrooms

・Cleaning up furniture and dishes

・Moving out broken furniture (refrigerators, etc…)

・Room arrangements

・Cleaning and arrangements of gardens

・Tearing down and removal of broken sheds

・Cleaning up side ditches

Picture Restoration

Correct and restore defaced pictures

○Work in Office and Front Desk

Office work, front desk at Magokoro Net office

Magokoro Dane Undo

Distribute flower and vegetable seeds, planters and soil to afflicted areas

Letter Library

Send books to afflicted areas with letters

Aid Distribution
Distribute aid to evacuation centers and evacuee housings

Foot Bath

Provide foot bathes to people in evacuation centers

Listen to stories of afflicted people while massaging their hands for relaxation


○Needs Research

Visit afflicted areas and research needs for aid, facilities, and human resources


Please note that there may be times when volunteers may act upon activities under safe conditions requested by the people

We may ask for office work during consecutive holidays due to lack of sufficient help (front desk, data input, etc…)


Removing mud under floors

Needs research

Foot bath team

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